Kings 2

Interview with Kingsley Smith from Audio Storm

An interview with Tauranga based musician and producer Kingsley Smith, the creative force behind Audio Storm/

Alt Girls 3492 Web

Behind The Scenes: BOP Alt Girls Photo Shoot (Tauranga, New Zealand)

A behind the scenes look on location with glamour photographer Baz Mantis at the BOP Alt Girls Photo Shoot held in Tauranga, New Zealand which featured top Bay Of Plenty alt models Jade Jean, Vegas, Storm and Cherish.


Puss Plans His Day

A look into the mind of Puss as he wakes up and imagines what he could accomplish ... or not. Produced and filmed by Baz Mantis

Chair Evil Cover

Chair Evil

Doing for sitting down what Psycho did for showers. This is the story of unloved furniture which bites back. Hard. Two couples end up on a working holiday in a remote Tauranga house and things start to get ugly quickly when an old wooden stool is evicted from the house by one of the group. When a menacing black chair is similarly discarded, all hell breaks loose for the unfortunate individuals in the house as the rejected furniture take gory vengeance for being disturbed by the new arrivals to their abode. Chair Evil is a parachillomedy (a hybrid between a parody, a chiller and a comedy), and is unique in its style and delivery. You'll never sit down again without looking twice at what you're sitting on ...


3rd Place Winner – Video Competition

Writer, director and camera operator for a 2012 entry into the Hitachi (NZ) Video Competition. Special visual effects were created by motion graphics artist Mark Shingleton. Contact him at www.markos.co.nz

Sequestration Cover


A short hard hitting dark thriller set several decades into the future in Tauranga. Two agents (Frank Teller and Charlise O'Connor) work for a black ops organisation who are enlisted by monopolistic free energy and time travel megacorporations to clamp down upon and eliminate competing privately owned illegal technology. The agents learn of a fearsome rogue time jumper from their future who has ended up in their timeline and has constructed an illegal V Traveller (a portable time travel device) and find themselves up against a very dangerous character in the form of Dingo Morelli - hologramatic illusionist. However, a recent death involving an innocent child has Agent Teller thinking twice about his reason for carrying on this type of work, and events twist suddenly and unpredictably as a result ....


The Haunted Empire Of Humanity

The final moments of a dream before waking from a sleep punctuated by interruptions and changes. The filters of the mind make little sense of an incoming stream of information being received by the dreamer in their semi lucid state and surreal forms are sculpted, which the awakening soul remembers only briefly before they fade from remembrance. Yet once the outer form of this experience fades away, the awakened dreamer dimly recalls something of importance behind it. Intangible and unimaginable elements and recapitulations - a vaguely familiar sense of great potential or something once lost in cosmic childhood and fleetingly recalled, then lost once again in the mercurial tides of the subconscious. An ancient seed has fallen upon fertile ground, and this seed will grow to create the timber of the doorway you are invited to walk through as this story unfolds over time. (Part one of five concept videos created for the avant garde project The Saturn Door)